Most people who complete our masters or doctorate programme say that that combination of theoretical exploration, skills practice and experiential learning can be life changing. What’s different about our courses is the opportunity to really see, at depth, the dynamic processes that support success or prevent individuals, teams and organisations from performing at their best. The Systems-Psychodynamic approach provides a lens through which our alumni can understand, lead and support the complex relationships within and across organisations, networks and partnerships.

The alumni network can help keep this thinking alive, long after the course has finished.  Our diverse and engaged international alumni community offers a lifelong opportunity to cross-fertilise ideas, share experiences and create opportunities. We offer a range of activities that assist alumni to stay connected with the latest thinking in the systems psychodynamic approach, and maintain the skills and capabilities they have developed.

We have a regular alumni network meeting in London and can host alumni who wish to participate virtually. Talk to us further if you would like to establish network meetings in your area. Our next alumni network event is taking place on Friday 14 June from 9am-4.45pm at the Tavistock Centre. 

Look out for further Alumni CPD opportunities in 2019.  

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