We are a specialist organisational development and change consultancy working with clients across the health, corporate, education and third sectors as well as in central and local government.

We work collaboratively with our clients, co-creating interventions that are shaped with their context in mind so that our work aligns with and amplifies organisational performance.

Our expertise lies in being able to work with the full complexity of organisational life. This means we recognise and engage with both the practical realities and issues our clients face as well as the unacknowledged aspects that lie below the surface; the assumptions, dynamics and emotions that often present an unanswered challenge to creating real and sustainable change.

We incorporate three overlapping frameworks of thinking: systems thinking, the study of group behaviour and psychoanalytic theory into an aligned approach, where each aspect connects and inter-relates, whether we are working with an individual, a team or a whole organisation. It’s a powerful combination that gives clients a depth of understanding that gets to the heart of a situation and generates sustained learning and improvement.

Our team is made up of organisational consulting experts with a variety of backgrounds, many of whom are also part of the faculty of the Tavistock’s own Masters and Doctoral Programmes in Consulting and Leadership and regularly publish and speak at conferences.

Our systems-psychodynamic approach draws on ideas first sculpted by Melanie Klein and Wilfred Bion in the early days of the Tavistock, informed by those of Kurt Lewin and further developed and applied in organisations by Isabel Menzies Lyth, Eric Trist, Ken Rice and Eric Miller.

Leading contemporary thinkers on leadership and organisations have, at their core, the ideas incubated at the Tavistock and further developed at the Grubb, MIT and Harvard.

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