The ever-increasing complexity of today’s organisations requires a more advanced and psychologically-informed approach to change and development. As such, the in-depth understanding provided by our systems-psychodynamic approach is recognised and highly valued by organisational practitioners across the world, whether members of internal HR and OD teams or working as external consultants or coaches.

Incorporating the systems-psychodynamic model as part of their work gives practitioners a greater level of self-awareness and a more sophisticated range of tools and techniques to deal with complex and challenging circumstances, including significant change such as restructuring, mergers or culture change.

We can help practitioners to develop their capability in a number of ways, from skills development sessions to longer bespoke programmes and, for those looking for a significant level of professional development, our Masters and Doctoral Programmes or our internationally recognised Executive Coaching Programme.

For those practitioners already familiar with the model, we can offer ongoing individual or group supervision to help them continue to develop their understanding and practice.

For individuals and teams who recognise the value of applying the systems-psychodynamic model to their work but may not have time to develop the capability for themselves, we can work alongside them in a consultative role, offering a systems-psychodynamic perspective to existing projects.

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