Are you an experienced executive coach interested in more deeply exploring the relational and systemic aspects of your clients’ situations?  Do you find yourself wondering about what happens ‘in the moment’ and how to take those opportunities in your work and go deeper?

Are you curious about the systems-psychodynamic approach and how to use it to develop your coaching practice when working with clients remotely?

This advanced coaching practice course offers experienced coaches an ability to engage clients with the personal aspects of their work performance, explore the context to what clients bring and gain a better grasp of the ways wider organisational dynamics which can inhibit clients’ success – and what they can do about it.

The Tavistock Model is a well-established approach in Executive Coaching that offers insight into personal dynamics as well as systems awareness and, most importantly, combines the two.  We have been offering an increasing number of clients coaching and supervision on virtual platforms, and we are launching this training that draws on our experience in applying the Tavistock Model online.

This advanced coaching practice course is a complete introduction to our systems-psychodynamic approach that combines theory, personal reflection and experiential learning to create a reinvigorating and developmental space for participants.  The remote delivery will form one source of learning about the relational processes when working online.

Course outcomes:

The course will develop your coaching practice in the following areas:

  • Taking a systemic approach to your coaching work online coaching
  • Developing your coaching stance, including how the Tavistock model fits for you
  • Working at depth to draw out unacknowledged challenges
  • Introducing the ‘PRO’ model: Person, Role and Organisation, exploring each dimension and how they interact
  • Understanding organisational dynamics including projection in groups and across systems

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Definitely a great programme to do to further your practice on coaching at depth. The variety of different types of coaches is handled really well. The shortness of the programme does not in any way detract from the depth of personal work you can achieve in a short period of time.

Advanced Coaching Practice attendee, June 2020
Advanced Coaching Practice attendee, June 2020

The coaching practice and group discussions were very rich, very thought provoking. Thank you.

Advanced Coaching Practice attendee, June 2020
Advanced Coaching Practice attendee, June 2020

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