Bev’s passion lies in understanding what might really be going on in any organisational situation, a focus that’s informed by a deep-rooted skill and expertise in the assessment and diagnostic process. Gaining a true picture of the complexities involved is the priority and it’s her belief that when short cuts are taken and the leap to solutions made too soon, the true nature of the problem remains hidden and the process of real change is hindered.

Whether as a coach, with groups of staff or with whole service restructures, she brings this approach to develop a complete narrative of any problem. She works with organisations identified as failing or struggling in helping them develop strategies for sustainable, long-term change.

An ACAS-accredited expert in conflict mediation, Bev has a particular interest in the cause and effect of conflict in the workplace and its implications on the wider organisation.

Bev has worked as Organisational Consultant for over twenty years across a variety of sectors. Her previous role as Clinical Psychologist in primary care involved understanding the role of the unconscious in the context of therapy.

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