When it comes to developing effective leadership and team working capabilities, organisational alignment is crucial. For this reason, all our programmes are developed in collaboration with our clients, combining their experience and perspective with our expertise and understanding to co-create programmes with lasting impact. In this way, we ensure that programmes are highly relevant to the current and future priorities of our clients and participants, who can then easily incorporate what they have learnt as part of their ways of working.

We prefer to begin with a diagnostic phase, which can be a simple online survey, interviews and focus groups or a more in depth organisational review. Where possible we include observation as part of this initial diagnostic and also as an element of programme sessions, where it provides feedback for groups and individuals on how they are working and highlighting those aspects that are supporting, or restricting, their effectiveness. We can also use psychometric assessment or 360 degree feedback to provide a starting point for individual participants’ development.

With a clear sense of the aims and starting point for a programme, we work iteratively with our clients to find the right mix of content and interactivity, combining a range of elements from theory seminars to case discussion, from scenario thinking to simulations. We also use more introspective modes of group work such as action learning or reflective practice where appropriate emphasising experiential learning, or working ‘in the here and now’, a powerful way to sustain and fully embed new ways of working.

We also make sure that our programme team are the right fit, so that, as well as expert facilitators, we may bring in sector specialists, academic faculty members of our masters and doctoral programme or thought leaders in organisational theory.

We have delivered programmes of various sizes and complexities range from single leadership teams to large and multiple cohorts across different levels of an organisation.

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