Today’s leaders are dealing with ever more complex changes while at the same time being challenged to increase performance and still drive innovation.  For new and experienced leaders alike this can be a testing experience. Coaching provides the time and space for reflection that can often be hard to find. Our systems-psychodynamic approach helps leaders improve their capability to think clearly under pressure, take up their leadership or management role with maximum effectiveness and to design their own solutions to organisational issues.

This distinct approach means that, as coaches, we explore the often unacknowledged emotional and relational dimensions of leadership. We understand the impact that below the surface dynamics can have on the functioning and performance of a group and help our clients to find the most effective ways to manage and work with these dynamics. We also make links between the different parts of an organisation’s system as well as across organisational boundaries, leading to a deeper understanding of issues and a broader exploration of possible approaches to adopt.

This in-depth understanding of leadership allows us to develop individuals’ capacities to work with others and build alliances and influence within complex and challenging environments.

Clients are given frequent feedback and we review the work as it proceeds, ensuring a goal-directed approach. Meetings are confidential, unless it is agreed that there would be benefit in offering feedback to the organisation itself.

Our clients tell us the depth and quality of our work has had a lasting and sustainable impact on their working life with clear benefits for their wider organisation, including:

  • Greater confidence in taking up their organisational role.
  • Enhanced effectiveness and ability to influence.
  • Enhanced ability to use the full range of experience, emotional and intellectual, as a resource for understanding their own and others behaviours.
  • Greater capacity to manage uncertainty and contain the anxiety that results from it.
  • Increased capacity for reflecting on and learning from their experience.

All Tavistock Consulting coaches are trained and experienced as practitioners, teachers and supervisors of coaching. We are members of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council and adhere strictly to their ethical and professional practice guidelines.

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