Jennie has 20 years leadership experience in the voluntary sector with seven years as Chief Executive of a national membership organisation.  She has also worked on a number of public sector leadership development projects providing training in systems thinking.

Her approach to training and consultancy support is centred on systems-psychodynamic thinking which she drew on when leading major change programmes and engaging with diverse stakeholders.  Her interest is in assisting organisations to understand how the work is often unconsciously organised in such a way to prevent them achieving their task and purpose, and how they can use their understanding to become more effective and create a more sustainable and healthier working environment.

Jennie is a faculty member of Tavistock’s D10 Masters programme, ‘Consulting and Leading in Organisations: psychodynamics and systemic approaches’ and Tavistock Consulting’s Executive Coaching Programme.

Tel. +44 (0) 20 89382475 Email. JMcShannon@TavistockConsulting.co.uk

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